APA Discussion – Week 5

Using the APA (American (American Psychological Association) Style is quite tricky. Making sure my communication and use of resources as well as citing has caused me some anxiety. I would never intentionally use another work or not give them appropriate credit. I have learned that with patience and using as much as we do has... Continue Reading →

New Article for Scavenger Hunt Project

Three studies explored the role that basic social/communication skills play in leader emergence and effectiveness. In Study 1, 218 undergraduate students were administered self-report measures of social/communication skills and extraversion, worked in small groups on a problem-solving task, and elected leaders at task midpoint. Coders measured leaders' verbal communication. Groups elected leaders who spoke most... Continue Reading →

COM 601 Scavenger Hunt – Week 2

Abstract The goal of the present study, in framework of a causal model, was to investigate the relationship between social intelligence and communication skills with mediating role of emotional self-efficacy. Research method was correlational and the statistical population was consisted of all undergraduate students of Shiraz University. Participants were 393 students (245 female and 148... Continue Reading →

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