COM 601 Scavenger Hunt – Week 2


The goal of the present study, in framework of a causal model, was to investigate the relationship between social intelligence and communication skills with mediating role of emotional self-efficacy. Research method was correlational and the statistical population was consisted of all undergraduate students of Shiraz University. Participants were 393 students (245 female and 148 male), selected based on a multistage random cluster sampling method and they completed Social Intelligence Scale (Silvera, et al, 2001), Emotional Self- Efficacy Scale (Kirk, et al, 2008), and Communication Skills Revised Inventory (Jerabek, 2004). Reliability and validity of measurements was confirmed. The hypothetical model was analyzed by simultaneous sequential multiple regression. Results of path analysis showed that: a) Social intelligence was positive and significant predictor of communication skills. b) Social intelligence was positive and significant predictor of emotional self-efficacy. c) Social intelligence by mediating emotional self-efficacy predicted communication skills positively and significantly. Totally, results showed that social intelligence predicted communication skills directly and indirectly by mediating emotional self-efficacy. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)(journal abstract)

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