APA Discussion – Week 5

Using the APA (American (American Psychological Association) Style is quite tricky. Making sure my communication and use of resources as well as citing has caused me some anxiety. I would never intentionally use another work or not give them appropriate credit. I have learned that with patience and using as much as we do has given me a much grip on the basic construct.

I have relied somewhat of the Microsoft Word program to keep me in line with cited sources and the general formatting of the reference lists. I think the most difficult rules to remembers is to not leave out the DOI’s and including those key words, and using the format of the abstract, and other paper components. One of my favorite things about APA style is using the Times New Roman font, size 12. This is small thing but I have always loved this font.

I have created myself a quick guide that I keep handy at all times. It includes:

  • Use 8 ½ x 11 inch paper – white
  • Margins should be 1 inch on both sides, top and bottom
  • Double space the paper
  • Include header at the top of every page.
  • Include the four major sectors: Title page, abstract, main body and references

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  1. Hello Melinda! I also get some anxiety about making sure my citations and reference pages are done properly. I wouldn’t ever take someone else’s work and try to claim it as mine but sometimes I’m writing and I put a quote in and I write the citation on a post it instead of in the reference section then forget when I submit. I have a bit of an unorganized writing process.

    I would say the most important thing is to remember to get it all in there and to double check everything, good idea to have a quick guide to use while you work. This was a good, informative post. I would read over what you’re posting before you submit it though, just to check for little spelling mistakes or in the beginning you put (american (american. And there were a few other times that you’d have grabbed if you read it aloud to yourself first.

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