My Course Reflection



I have enjoyed my first class in the Master’s Program at Queen’s University. I began studying communications over 20 years ago at Campbell University and finally received my BA in Communication Studies last year. These eight weeks have introduced to me some wonderful learning opportunities especially from my colleagues. 

I liked that we spent much of our course on the seven traditions of communications and how they are the best foundation to start understanding the depth of the field. The tradition I resignated with most was the semiotic tradition. I also drawn to the sociopsychological and socioculture traditions I will continue to say learning how to create the digital presentations with audio and then turning them into videos was really eye-opening to me. As a 45 year-old woman, this was a challenge but I loved every minute of it.

Finally, the knowledge of my fellow classmates through suggestions to reading their discussions was my favorite. Their feedback was of great value to me during this course. Their views and work on their inquiry projects were outstanding. I feel more grounded in my decision to start working on my MA in Communications.


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