Community As Memory

This week's assignment comes from Chapter eight and references organizations roles as holders of "community of memory" in personal experiences in "rhetorical interruption". According to Levanis (1969, pg. 152-153), "A home, as a building, belongs to a world of objects. But this belongingness does not nullify the bearing of the fact that every consideration of... Continue Reading →

Rough Draft of Inquiry Project

  A Dialogic approach to Interpersonal Skills in the Age of Postmodern Difference Melinda Holland Queens University of Charlotte       Interpersonal communications ethics in this historical moment has become a rare commodity. The “good” of dialogic in interpersonal communication ethics is being threatened by bias, prejudices and lack of tolerance of indifference. Today,... Continue Reading →

My Narrative of life…..

  I grew up on a small family farm in Sampson County, North Carolina. I began working on the farm by driving the tractor at five years-old. My job was to just keep the tractor in line on the row, which only went like 1 mile-an-hour and to stop whenever someone would yell to stop. ... Continue Reading →

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