My Narrative of life…..


I grew up on a small family farm in Sampson County, North Carolina. I began working on the farm by driving the tractor at five years-old. My job was to just keep the tractor in line on the row, which only went like 1 mile-an-hour and to stop whenever someone would yell to stop.  When I was about eight I was promoted to pick our regular produce items, green peppers, squash and cucumber on the picker. At nine I was able to begin cropping tobacco. Our farm was run by our family, which help from my cousins and a family that lived down the road from us. We farmed until I was fifteen because I was the baby of the family and there was no one else to help. This experience was the beginning of my narrative of life.  Little did I know I would carry all the morals, work-ethic and love of deep appreciation of the earth.

My dad was my role model and I knew I loved him deeply but little did I know when he dead two year ago, did I worship him.  My narrative and everything I have decent and good in me came from him. For this blog, I would like to share his eulogy written in ode to him from me and my brothers and sisters. We all strive to live and live our lives today as did when were young until his last breath. I appreciate this in advance.

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